Endorsement by well known Baby Whisperer  Dr Wong Boh Boi

As a market leader in maternity and newborn insurance, DC financial is endorsed by Doctor Wong Boh Boi. Check out the video on what she says about us!

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Our Customers Feedback

Calvin Chin

David and Xerene are very personable, which made our first meetup a very comfortable one. Our queries were answered patiently and clearly by them. We like that the team specialises in insurance for babies and has collaborations with many other companies on baby products and services. It’s like providing a one-stop service for all baby needs! Thank you very much to the both of you, David and Xerene

Ong Bang Hui

Thank you Mei Ting for helping my family to come to a prudent decision. My Wife and I had a pleasant and informative session. There was no “hard sell” but simple detailed information explained with patience and care. We are glad to have met you


Thank you brother for being patient with me along this financial journey. Although you could have persuaded me a year ago to get a policy, you turned me down and told me to wait until I was financially stable enough to get one. Financial planning with you is stress-free as there is no hard selling. It’s fascinating that despite being younger, your financial knowledges surpass that of many I know. I’ve met many agents, but none quite like you. If anyone needs an agent who gives the most honest and beneficial advice, I strongly recommend Daryl. He does not pressure sales and he really cares, finding the best possible policy to suit your needs. He will make a difference compared to the regular agents you see out there on the streets. A good agent makes all the difference and I’m glad I met you.

Yu Chin

It is with much enthusiasm that I recommend David and Xerene if you are considering insurance plan for your family. They are extremly professional and passionate. Their expertise and experience in parenthood is beneficial for new parent. It was indeed a wonderful session with David and Xerene.

Tracia Hoe

Thank you Xerene Ng and David Chin for your insightful sharing on the different types of insurance policies.

ShuJun Lee‎

Cheryl is a great friend of mine who is a great person with great character.
She has been very helpful with my family members.
She’s trustworthy and provides excellent service.
Thank you for taking great care of us on our insurance.
I would recommend Cheryl to any of my friends or family without hesitation.

Joeshua Ng

I am writing about my insurance agent Daryl Gan.
He is actually a friend of mine and he introduced me to a Savings insurance, which not only opened my eyes about insurance, but also allowed me to save my money more wisely and efficiently, something that I have not heard before.

Being a student, its very hard to manage my money wisely. However, Daryl guided me about how savings insurance could actually help me in putting my money at the right place, so that I could reap more benefits in the future! He always asks about my well-being and always ensures that he has taken care of whatever problems i have on hand!

He is a trustworthy insurance agent that I can rely on, so feel free to approach him!!

Joyce Tong

I have been forced to change my AIA agents 4 times in the past few years because they all left the company one after another. I felt so helpless although I understand changing career path is very common. Finally I met Cherry, her professional skills, the deep understanding on every policies and the great patience she has shown proved she is an outstanding agent in this field. She always go extra mile to explain the complexity of a policy into a simplistic matter. Her response was all the while prompt and accurate. Whenever you seeking her help and consultation, she is out there willingly to answer. That’s the reason to bring her up high to the peak of her career. I’m so happy for her achievement and during the time we chit chat, we even become friends that help one another. So if you need a insurance, please approach Cherry Ong, I’m very sure you would find she is the best.

Sheer Pat

i would like to give my appreciation to Cherry Ong for giving me great advice to protect my 2 kids with full coverage and always going the extra mile to meet us at our convinence even on a weekends.. claims has always being so easy with her helping out.. she has being there for us since my first born and will not hesitate to recommend her to all my friends

Wilma Wong

Thank you Xerene Ng and David Chin for your insightful sharing on maternity insurance and confinement needs!

Sandy Yuen

Thanks Cherry for the sharing on financial planning for my baby. Very helpful and informative.

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